Sunday, June 26, 2011

Tip sebelum basuh baju!~..

Kekadang suka gak dengar pelbagai tips2 dari internet. Heee...aku suka perkara yang kaitan masakan dan cara mengemas (bcoz I know that my weak point!)..

Ok..selesai makan kan si Ahza..terserempak dgn yahoo punya artikel (aku suka baca yahoo artikel, boleh tahu pelbagai perkara luar negara!) tentang.."10 simple laundry prep solution"

Mesti sakit ati kan tgk baju yg kita syg kotor dan kotoran itu susah hilang! antara tip2 dari mat saleh..

1. Body oils rub onto shirt collars and attract dirt, leaving them grimy and worse for wear. Reverse the damage by grabbing your shampoo and a clean paintbrush and paint a line over the soiled collar before washing.

guna shampoo!..body shampoo or hair shampoo?..rasanya kalo sabun buku pn ok mungkin boleh try..amik berus lukisan/berus gg dan dinasihatkan jgn berus lee! then, tonyoh sekuat ati seperti menonyoh muka ex2 korang..(hehe..know wat i mean!). like a therapy maybe, to reduce stress at work..

2. Soaking clothes overnight in a tub of water really helps loosen dirt and grime and can be especially effective when your clothes have that dingy-all-over look.

Rendam baju ni memang cara kdg2 bila malas dtg jgk, terus basuh jer atau campak lam mesin basuh!..hu2..xelok camtu. kita xtau apa benda atau kotoran atau najis yg terlekat.cara ni still available lagi,....and up to date!~...

3. To keep brights their brightest and blacks from fading, turn garments inside out and choose the coolest temperature setting that will get them clean.

maksudnya..kita terbalikkan baju??...owh..ok..

4. For stubborn food stains, such as coffee, soy sauce, or mustard, blot the troubled area with foam shaving cream and allow it to sit for half an hour. Repeat the process and if the stain remains, try leaving the cream in overnight.

wau...guna shave cream!..emm..sila la ter rembat yg adik2 or abg2 or ayh2 punya shave cream yer..letak dlm setengah jam!..atau kalo xtgl lagi..tinggalkan way for me..

5. If you’ve just washed a stained garment, examine the results before tossing it in the dryer. If the stain didn’t come out, the dryer’s heat will set it and make it even harder to deal with. Your chances of success are greater if you remove the item while it’s damp.

oohh...ohh..kalo kita biarkan je dryer kita heat kan baju tu tnpa kita cuci kesan yang ada...baju lagi susah nk ilangkan kotorannnnn~..hu2

6. Your best chance of salvaging a stained garment after it’s been in the dryer is to soak it for thirty minutes in a solution that’s equal parts water and hydrogen peroxide. Be sure to wash it immediately afterward.

7. Adding a quarter cup of baking soda to a wash will take care of stale, musty odors common during the summer months and give your machine a fragrant boost to boot.

8. When conquering dried bloodstains, dampen the damaged garment with hydrogen peroxide, then rinse with cold water. If possible, set your washing machine’s temperature for cold as well.

9. When battling mildew and soap scum-stained shower curtains, don’t hesitate to drop them in the washing machine. For cloth as well as heavier vinyl and plastic curtains, use ordinary laundry soap and the recommended amount of bleach per load.

10. Whether you’re washing by machine or hand, vinegar is a must-have in any laundry room. A cup of vinegar is an effective fabric softener in the rinse cycle, adding a little bit to a hand wash will keep clothes from staying sudsy.

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Lain2..baca sendirik!...hehe..mau mandikan si budak kecik Ahza....dia dah bosan nmpaknya....

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